Amilicia Bravú, new project by the incombustible Fran Amil

This time it’s me, Carlos Amil, who tells you that Fran Amil, the bravú drummer, is planning a tribute in honor of a musical legend who turns thirty. Bravú rock. Galician and in Galician languaje, a arroutada in the words of Xurxo Souto, a passion that burns the chest, in the accurate definition of the writer Javier Valiño. A bravura release, an unavoidable milestone in the history of Galician popular music.

Amilicia Bravú will have its official presentation at the VIII Cita coa Historia das Pontes, on Saturday, September 16, 2023.

An electrifying combo that will download historical songs from groups that have written their names in the history of our music. Fran Amil was active in almost all the groups, playing the drums. Let Fran Amil himself tell it:

“For me, personally, it is an important challenge in my career, after almost 6 years without playing drums live, in a festival of this magnitude. So it is a great responsibility, which I assume with the desire to have a great time. And I have to say that after several rehearsals, I feel that it will be very pleasant (with nerves and adrenaline at full capacity, for sure) to return to the stage to play folk, punk, ska, disco, funk, pop, jazz… This time, with the company of musicians like Iván Bernárdez on bass; “Dubi” Baamonde with flute, alto sax and bagpipes; Iria Iglesias on keyboard; Ismael Marcos with tenor sax and bagpipes; and Jacobo Sainz on electric guitar.

In the photo by Carlos Amil we have Fran accompanied by Ismael Marcos polishing the tenor sax and bagpipe, “Dubi” Baamonde polishing the alto sax and transverse frauta, Iván Bernárdez sweeping away with the bass and Iria Iglesias warming the soul with the keyboards.

Well, I wouldn’t miss this brave download. And we hope it won’t be the only one. We will tell you more things.

In the meantime, you can visit this UVigoTv page and take a look at this documentary “Nor-Northwest: A viaxe Bravú”, made by Sonia Barros and Marta Piñeiro in the effervescent 90s of the Escola de Imaxe e Son de A Coruna. Starring Xurxo Souto, it also has the presence of a brand new Fran Amil. I leave you a photo taken from the documentary.

Fran amil on the drums of Os Papaqueixos

Another documentary that you can watch about bravú rock is this titled “Galiza Bravú”, made by a group of Audiovisual Communication students. They are Xaime Miranda, Elena Albán Lombao and Sabela Sampedro.

Fran Amil and Antón Díaz, from Os Papaqueixos

Also visit this page “What happens on the coast” to read this article by Ubaldo Cerqueiro entitled “Unha viaxe á historia do Bravú na Costa da Morte”, if you want to know more about the history of this movement.