Anniversary Printing of “Terra Chá” by Manuel María

On May 17, 1954, one of Manuel María’s fundamental poetry books is published in Editorial Celta (Lugo): “Terra Chá”, with a prologue by Ánxel Fole. This publishing house played a prominent role in the dissemination of Galician culture during the Franco regime. His first publication in Galician was, precisely, another book by Manuel María in 1952, entitled “Contos en cuarto crecente e outras prosas”.

“Terra Chá” may be the best known and most widely distributed book by Manuel María of his entire oeuvre. We can access wikipedia to see an article about this collection of poems by the poet chairego.

The curious thing is that although the publication coincides with the Galician Letters Day, it must be taken into account that such an event did not exist at that time. Remember that this day has been celebrated since 1963, that is, nine years after the publication of “Terra Chá”. Another fact for the clueless: the date coincides with the centenary of the publication of another book of transcendental poems in Galician literature (in the literature of any country): “Cantares Gallegos” by Rosalía de Castro.

In my disk book “A voz do vento”, published in 2016 by A Mesa Pola Normalización Lingüística, I included a poem from the book “Terra Chá”, entitled “Poceiras”. In addition to having immensely talented musicians such as Paco Cerdeira on electric guitar, Álex Bardanca on electric bass or Aarón Bouzón on EWI 4000, I had the honor of having MJ Pérez sing with me. By the way, and as always, I took care of the drums myself. Paco Cerdeira and I took care of the production and mixing, and it was recorded at the Amil Studios.

  1. Poceiras Fran Amil e a tribo incompren 2:07


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¡Brilan ao sol as poceiras!The pools shine in the sun!
¡Xa pouco máis brilarán!They won’t shine anymore!
Hainas de cen mil maneirasThere are a hundred thousand ways
e están tiradas no chan.and they are lying on the ground.
A choiva fíxoas nacerThe rain made them born
sobre o monte ou no camiño.on the mountain or on the road.
E fainas o sol morrerAnd makes them die in the sun
despaciño, despaciño…slowly, slowly…
¡Poceiras! (x2)Pools! (x2)
E na terra están tiradas.And they are lying on the ground.
¡Viven nun barrizal!They live in a quagmire!
¡E son por todos tripadasAnd they are for all footsteps
e a ninguén fixeron mal!and they did no harm to anyone!
¡Poceiras! (x3)Pools! (x3)

Our alternative version of “Poceiras” could not be missing. This time, an acoustic version recorded ex-professo for this occasion. Enjoy it.

Do not forget to visit the page of the Casa Museo Manuel María to learn more about the poet of Terra Chá. Or, better yet, organize a getaway to Outeiro de Rei and visit it in person. And, of course, read the literature of Manuel María.

On this same page of the Casa Museo they have an interesting resource for primary school teachers: a didactic unit that brings us closer to the figure of the great poet.

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