To celebrate a date like today, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Fran Amil invites us to recover the video No Violencia, a music video clip made by Manu Viqueira with all the students and the educational community of CEIP Rosalía de Castro, from A Coruña. The NoViolencia project is an initiative […]

Lyrics: Manuel María (from the book “Aldraxe contra a xistra”, 1973) Music: Fran Amil Manuel María reviews our history, deliberately forgotten in the manuals in use at the time the poem was published. Fortunately, today we approach our history in another way, but it is necessary to remain alert, because the times of oblivion immediately […]

Lyrics: Manuel María (from the book “Terra Chá”, 1954) Music: Fran Amil Manuel María sings in his first book to his land and to simple things full of life, like those pools of ephemeral life. But thanks to the strength and honesty of his verses, the pools lengthen his life whenever an awakened ear welcomes […]

Lyrics: Manuel María ( from the book “A luz resucitada”, 1984) Music: Fran Amil Manuel María reflects in this poem the strange condition of those who do not feel welcome in their own land. A condition that concerns a multitude of Galicians who had difficulty expressing their Galicianness with the normality that almost any other […]