Lyrics: Manuel María ( from the book “A luz resucitada”, 1984) Music: Fran Amil Manuel María reflects in this poem the strange condition of those who do not feel welcome in their own land. A condition that concerns a multitude of Galicians who had difficulty expressing their Galicianness with the normality that almost any other […]

Lyrics: Manuel María (from the book “Cantos rodados para alleados e colonizados”, 1976) Music: Fran Amil Manuel María collects in this satirical poem a very widespread feeling, at the time it was published, regarding the language. It was the time of emigration outside the country and even within the country, towards the cities, where the Galician frankly found […]

Once the lyrics in Galician, Spanish and English for the album “Popsia Vol. I” have been completed, we begin with the lyrics for the album “A voz do vento”. This album is entirely dedicated to songs derived from the poems of Manuel María, commissioned by A Mesa Pola Normalización Lingüística to bring the Terra Cha poet closer to youth. The album […]

Lyrics: Manuel María (from the book “A luz resucitada”, 1984) Music: Fran Amil In the 1980s, Manuel María intensified his role as cultural promoter, participating in conferences, colloquiums, proclamations, recitals, cultural meetings, etc. The song “O desexo” could well refer to that effort. The band created for this album, with the name of Fran Amil […]

Lyrics: Ramón María del Valle-Inclán Adaptation of the lyrics: Carlos and Fran Amil Music: Fran and Carlos Amil Ramon Maria del Valle-Inclan. The writer. And we shouldn’t write anything else. But beyond his capital prose and his indescribable theater, Valle-Inclán has an extraordinary collection of poems that most of the time is hidden among so much splendor. “La pipa […]