Chuches Amil finalist of the Martín Códax Music Awards

The Martín Códax Music Awards, organized by Musicas ao Vivo, have just proposed Chuches Amil as a finalist in the Children’s Music category.

For this reason, my brother Carlos and I went to Cambados, to the Martín Códax Wineries, where an emotional reunion of musicians took place with the feeling that we are going to burst the abnormality to regain our spirits, smile and dedication to music, to share this hope in the future, because the future is mine, it is yours, it is hers, it belongs to everyone. In this meeting they gave each finalist artist a recognition, a bottle of Martín Códax with the finalist stamp in the corresponding category of musical awards.

Chuches Amil is among the finalists in the Children’s Music category, which we share with artists such as Paco Nogueiras, and Brais das Hortas and Peter Punk. Look how handsome we are in the photos. Here I share space with another of the finalists, Brais das Hortas.

From left to right: Paco Nogueiras, Peter Punk,
Brais das Hortas and Fran Amil
Fran Amil and Brais das Hortas

Very dear friends and collaborators on my album “A voz do vento” were also nominated, such as MJ Pérez, finalist in the category Song of author. And Belén Tajes, finalist in the Pop Indie category.

Fran Amil and MJ Pérez
Belén Tajes and Fran Amil

I also shared moments with Brais Morán, finalist in the Blues, Funk and Soul category.

To all, congratulations. And to continue enjoying the music !!!