Forasteiro (Stranger)

Lyrics: Manuel María ( from the book “A luz resucitada”, 1984)

Music: Fran Amil

Manuel María reflects in this poem the strange condition of those who do not feel welcome in their own land. A condition that concerns a multitude of Galicians who had difficulty expressing their Galicianness with the normality that almost any other nationality from any other part of the world could express without restrictions of any kind.

Manuel María with his parents, Antonio and Pastora, and brothers Antón, Suso and Pepe in 1940

Fran Amil: lead vocals and drums

O Leo: voice collaboration

Paco Cerdeira: electric guitar

Álex Bardanca: bass

Aarón Bouzón: EWI 4000 and keyboards

Remember that you can read the lyrics while you listen to the song.

  1. Forasteiro Fran Amil e a tribo incompren 2:47


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Son un forasteiro na cidade en que vivo,I am a stranger in the city where I live,
na propia tribo natal,in own native tribe,
incluso na patria do corazón,even in the homeland of the heart,
na que escollín e me escolleu,in which I chose and chose me,
na que máis which I love the most.
¿qué fado tráxico, qué estrañaWhat a tragic fate, what a strange
maldición ou odio monstruosomonstrous curse or hate
fan de min un raro forasteiromake me a weird outsider
na miña propia, irrenunciábel patria?in my own, inalienable homeland?
Son forasteiro (x4)I am a stranger (x4)
Eu, que son nube, vento, río,I, who am cloud, wind, river,
árbore, penedo, mar, tremor,tree, rock, sea, tremor,
fala e terra desta miña terra,language and land of this my land,
non poderei ser nunca un forasteiro.I can never be an outsider.
Aínda que o queirades. E eu o queira.Although you want it. And I want it.
Son forasteiro (ad infinitum)I am a stranger (ad infinitum)

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