Fran Amil premieres a new song with his group Chuches Amil

Fran Amil has a parallel career with his group Chuches Amil, oriented towards family music. It has two CDs edited by Editorial Galaxia in its “Sonárbore” collection, which you can listen to on the Chuches Amil website. A magnificent page full of tasty news and varied content: songs, stories brimming with imagination, comics, illustrations in industrial quantities…

Chuches Amil presents for this Christmas the song “O Appalpador”, the first song that sees the light of the series of songs that we have been recording at the end of September and beginning of October in the Drum&Roll Studios recording studio. A suitable song for the upcoming Christmas season.

Drawing of Brais Fierro

You can download it and take it on your mobile or tablet, and even save it on your hard drive to read it whenever and wherever you want, from this page.

And you can listen to it right here, just hit play. Enjoy it.

  1. O Apalpador – Chuhes Amil 2:41


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Fran Amil on drums and singing, Antón Torroncho on bass, Paco Cerdeira “Pakolas” on electric guitar, Richi Casas on sax and accordion, and Ángeles Dorrio and Carmen Rey on backing vocals form an unbeatable band. The production was in charge of Fran and Carlos Amil, the latter being the music producer. Iago Blanco worked as a sound and mixing technician.

From left to right: Fran Amil, Antón Torroncho and Paco Cerdeira
Paco Cerdeira and Fran Amil
From left to right: Iago Blanco, Fran, Torroncho and Pakolas
Iago Blanco from behind, Richi Casás from the front
From left to right: Carlos Amil, Carmen Rey,
Angeles Dorrio and Fran Amil

Chuches Amil, music alive. Chuches Amil, infinite music.