Month of celebrations

This September we commemorate death anniversaries of Manuel María, to whom I fully dedicated the album “A voz do vento”, and of Luís Amado Carballo, one of the poets that supplies the album “Popsía Vol. I”.

For the memory of Luís Amado Carballo I recorded an acoustic version of “Candeloria”.

In the tribute to Manuel María I had the reinforcement of the brilliant musicians Richi Casás and Fernando Román, both collaborators on my albums: Richi on all, and Fernando on “Popsía Vol. I”. We got together one morning in the afternoon at Casa Lourán, in As Restrebas, in the Val de Xestoso, municipality of Monfero (A Coruña), to articulate some funny versions of our songs. And this was the result, enjoy it.