New additions for the month of June

In these first weeks of June 2021 we continue to feed and increase our page.

In the “Multimedia” menu we have two new pages: the subsection “What the media said about me“, inserted in the “Media” section, in which we will give an account of everything they say about our projects in the media; and the subsection “Internet” also inserted in the section “Media“. In this latest addition, the GZ Música report on the presentation of Fran Amil’s cd-book “A voz do vento”, which took place in 2016, stands out.

Also related to “A voz do vento” is the addition of new additions in the “Videos” section of the “Multimedia” menu: the presentation of “A Voz do vento” at the Manuel María House Museum, and live performance of “Poema do alleado” in the Sala Malatesta in Santiago de Compostela.

Fran Amil was in the cultural program of TVG2 “Zigzag” presenting his new project “Popsía Vol. I” in lively talk with Pilar G. Rego. We can see it on the “Tv” page.

And we intend to continue growing. Do not stop following us. Health and music for everyone.