New section dedicated to the lyrics of my albums

With the start of the course this September 2022, we will incorporate a new section dedicated to the lyrics of the songs on my albums. We begin with “Popsia Vol. I”,with the first songs, “Ondas de San Simón” (“Waves of San Simon”)“Coma brasas” (“Like embers”) and “San Martiño” (“Saint Martin”). We will be adding new lyrics, and we will contribute texts and photographs that situate the creation of my songs, and that comment on them from unprecedented perspectives. In addition, we can find the translation in Spanish and English, selecting the respective languages in the menu. Grow Galician music!!!

The new section is in Multimedia>Miscellany>Popsia album lyrics.

And it will not be the only novelty that we will be presenting these months. Stay tuned, dear ones.