Non temos escolas en galego (We do not have schools in Galician)

Lyrics: Manuel María (from the book “Aldraxe contra a xistra”, 1973)

Music: Fran Amil

Curiously, despite the fact that today we have newspapers, books, radios and television in Galician, paradoxically the situation of Galician is in more serious danger than ever.

Illustration made from a photograph by Xurxo Lobato

This shows that we cannot lower our guard, and that it is necessary to make more songs and more creation in Galician, and it is necessary for the administrations to make a clear and forceful defense.

Fran Amil: lead vocals and drums

Paula Romero: voice collaboration

Paco Cerdeira: electric guitar

Alex Bardanca: bass

Aarón Bouzón: EWI 4000 and keyboards

Manuel María: recitation

Remember that you can read the lyrics while you listen to the song.

  1. Non temos escolas en galego Fran Amil e a tribo incompren 3:18


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Non temos escolas en galego,We don’t have schools in Galician,
nin xornais en galego,nor newspapers in Galician,
nin radios en galego,nor radios in Galician,
nin televisión en galego,nor television in Galician,
nin case libros en galego.hardly any books in Galician.
Os nosos deberes non estánOur duties are not
escritos en galego.written in Galician.
Estamos fartos de escoitarwe’re sick of hearing
sermós que falan de caridadesermons that speak of charity
e amor almibaradoand syrupy love
nunha lingua que non é,in a language that is not,
precisamente, a nosa lingua.precisely our language.
Non é,It is not,
precisamente, a nosa lingua.precisely our language.
Non é.It is not.

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