Ollei misiles con radar (I looked at missiles with radar)

Lyrics: Manuel María (from the book “Aldraxe contra a xistra”, 1973)

MusicFran Amil

The timeliness of this poem by Manuel María is threateningly current. In today’s politics the word is still limited, and too much radioactive waste, and threats of atomic wars coming from the shadows of the past to haunt the lives of ordinary people again.

We would rather look at mornings with sunshine and faces of joy. And enjoy the voice of Manuel María, who accompanies us on this issue. With him, the word reaches unsuspected limits. Hopefully the language of music fills our days and frees up the concerns that four crazy people want to impose.

Manuel María and his partner Saleta Goy

Fran Amil: lead vocals and drums

Manuel María: recitation

Paco Cerdeira: electric guitar

Álex Bardanca: bass

Aarón Bouzón: EWI 4000 and keyboards

Remember that you can read the lyrics while you listen to the song.

  1. Ollei misiles con radar Fran Amil e a tribo incompren 3:58


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Ollei misiles con radar,I watched missiles with radar,
avións concord,concord Aircraft,
música electrónica,electronic music,
células foteléctricas,photoelectric cells,
viaxes espaciais,space travels,
de outros mundos,from other worlds,
refugallos radioactivos,radioactive waste,
E a palabra sigueand the word goes on
sendo limitada.being limited.
A palabra dominada,The dominated word,
arquivada en conserva,archived preserved,
teledirixida,remote control,
examinada por detrás,examined from behind,
por diantein front
e polo medio,and in the middle,
ollada a trasluz,look behind the light,
vendida no mercadosold in the market
a baixo prezo.at low price.

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