Poceiras (Pools)

Lyrics: Manuel María (from the book “Terra Chá”, 1954)

Music: Fran Amil

Manuel María sings in his first book to his land and to simple things full of life, like those pools of ephemeral life. But thanks to the strength and honesty of his verses, the pools lengthen his life whenever an awakened ear welcomes the rhythm of the poet’s words. Let me contribute to that listening by providing some music, supported by a wonderful band.

Manuel María with Uxío Novoneyra and Ramón Piñeiro in Lugo at the San Juan in 1955

Fran Amil: lead vocals and drums

M.J. Pérez: voice collaboration

Paco Cerdeira: electric guitar

Álex Bardanca: bass

Aarón Bouzón: EWI 4000 and keyboards

Remember that you can read the lyrics while you listen to the song.

  1. Poceiras Fran Amil e a tribo incompren 2:07


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¡Brilan ao sol as poceiras!The pools shine in the sun!
¡Xa pouco máis brilarán!They won’t shine anymore!
Hainas de cen mil maneirasThere are a hundred thousand ways
e están tiradas no chan.and they are lying on the ground.
A choiva fíxoas nacerThe rain made them born
sobre o monte ou no camiño.on the mountain or on the road.
E fainas o sol morrerAnd makes them die in the sun
despaciño, despaciño…slowly, slowly…
¡Poceiras! (x2)Pools! (x2)
E na terra están tiradas.And they are lying on the ground.
¡Viven nun barrizal!They live in a quagmire!
¡E son por todos tripadasAnd they are for all footsteps
e a ninguén fixeron mal!and they did no harm to anyone!
¡Poceiras! (x3)Pools! (x3)

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