Poema del alienado (Alienated poem)

Lyrics: Manuel María (from the book “Cantos rodados para alleados e colonizados”, 1976)

MusicFran Amil

Manuel María collects in this satirical poem a very widespread feeling, at the time it was published, regarding the language. It was the time of emigration outside the country and even within the country, towards the cities, where the Galician frankly found traffic jams.

Today the situation is different, with the language in danger of disappearing due to its little use in the new generations, but with an awareness of having a first-rate communication tool of which we are very proud.

Fran Amil: lead vocals and drums

Antón Díaz: voice collaboration

Paco Cerdeira: electric guitar

Álex Bardanca: bass

Aarón Bouzón: EWI 4000 and keyboards

Remember that you can read the lyrics while you listen to the song.

  1. Poema do alleado Fran Amil e a tribo incompren 2:28


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Son un bilingüistaI am a bilingual
moi apaixonado,very passionate,
un colonialistaa colonialist
ben colonizado.well colonized.
Teño unha língua naiI have a mother tongue
e unha língua paiand a father tongue
e unha lingua fillaand a daughter language
que me marabilla.that amazes me
Son un alleadoI am an alienated
fino e progresistafine and progressive
ben domesticado.well domesticated.
¡Son un castrapistaI’m a castrapist
como está mandado!as he is commanded!
Oi, oi,oi, oi, oi, oi, oi, alleado (x2)Oi, oi,oi, oi, oi, oi, oi, alienated (x2)

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