Spectacular conference concert in Culleredo on Friday April 22!!! The Auditorium of the Multiple Services building vibrated today with ‘Popsia’, Fran Amil’s show.

The students of the Instituto Universidade Laboral, IES Blanco Amor and IES Rego de Trabe, as well as the users of the Escada Occupational Center enjoyed the show this morning.

The reaction of the attendees was similar to that of the enthusiastic fans at any concert of established artists, mobiles with flashlights included, and a lot of movement in the seats. Explosion of joy and happiness. How good feels a session like this. And it serves as a beacon of hope, because young people show that they have their ears open to many types of music.

A spontaneous dance start and an emotional reaction when listening to the catchy music of Fran Amil and «Popsia Vol. I».

A double session that welcomed a lot of astonished students, a group to which the Culleredo town hall gives a lot of pampering, with an exceptional team headed by Jéssica Méndez, the councilor for education, Penélope López, the councilor for Culture, and the person in charge of the culture area Pablo Bouza, as well as Carmen Veira in education.