Promising course

We started the 2021-22 course in the best possible way on our page, with a new section called “Miscellaneous”, which we can find inserted in the “Multimedia” menu. This section will host articles related to my records and performances, and we begin by commemorating the death anniversary of two of the poets that make up the roster of authors of the verses that feed my album “Popsía Vol. I”: Celso Emilio Ferreiro and Luís Amado Carballo.

Anniversaries of birth and death and other events will be welcomed in this section.

All articles will have links to my songs, pages of interest related to the authors, photos, videos, etc.

These first two articles present a novelty that I hope will be to your liking: acoustic versions of songs recorded expressly to commemorate these dates.

In the future I will present versions with surprises, taken from concerts or recorded for the occasion, in addition to putting the relevant link to the original version of the album.

Another notable novelty will be to make the lyrics of the songs on my albums available to all fans, with their corresponding translations into Spanish and English (and …).

We have more news, but you don’t want to know them all at once. Stay tuned, entering the page a couple of times a month, at least, to find out everything. Or better yet, come in every day to listen to my music and see cool videos and photos.

And if you follow me on the networks, you will be able to see the route of the points of sale and the presentations of the album that I will do there. Just for getting closer there will be gifts. The best pop music and gifts go perfectly together !!! Come!!!