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I want to capture here a small review of my extensive career in the world of music.

The belonging as a member, in my facet of drummer, of some of the most representative bands of what is known as rock Bravú stands out: Os Papaqueixos, Ruxe-Ruxe, Ulträqäns or Tres Trebóns, among others.

Here we can listen to the theme of Os Papaqueixos “Matías o morcego”, music by Manolo Montero and lyrics by me, included in the essential 1999 CD “A lóxica aplastante do Comité de Propaganda” (“The Smashing logic from the committee of propaganda”).

  1. Matías o morcego Os Papaqueixos 3:50


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Currently, I simultaneously develop two musical projects: Fran Amil (as a performer and composer), and another one called Chuches Amil (a family music project with a contemporary accent).

In both projects I am the lead voice and I play the drums (in the recording of the albums), in addition to composing and arranging all the songs.

To learn more about the Chuches Amil project, I recommend a visit to our incredible page: www.chuchesamil.com

In 2016 I’ve published a CD with texts by the poet Manuel María called “A voz do vento” (The voice of the wind). The result is an eclectic work that mixes rock, folk, blues and pop. I compose the music for all the songs, recording drums, percussions, keyboards and voice, and I count with the participation of, among other musicians, Paco Cerdeira on guitar; Richi Casás on sax; Aarón Bouzón at EWI 4000; and the voices of Xurxo Souto; Jasper; Paula Romero; Belén Tajes; Antón Díaz; O Leo; M.J. Pérez; and Xosé Antón Bocixa.

Enjoy the song “Aínda teño a esperanza” (I still have Hope), with my voice and that of Belén Tajes.

  1. Ainda teno a esperanza Fran Amil e a tribo incompren 3:07


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Faro de Vigo
Presentation at the Manuel María House
Performance in “Luar”
Performance in As Pontes in 2019

In 2021 I’ve published “Popsía Vol. I”

Photo: Nacho Romero

With “Popsía” I want to bring classics of Galician lyric of all time to the sensibility of the XXI century. Rhymes of always at current rhythms (rock, pop, soul, etc.). A bunch of poems turned into amazing, danceable, enchanting songs. A discharge of miscegenation that delves into the reality that music knows no borders, neither temporal nor spatial. Immerse yourself and let yourself be carried away towards a time of entertainment and a space of your own that will isolate you from the problems of the world for a moment.

It was a pleasure to bring together an unrepeatable group of musicians and with whom I have the honor of having their talent in most of my albums and live shows: Paco Cerdeira, Richi Casás, Antón Torroncho, Manu Payno, Ruchy de Baio…, and many others that you will have the opportunity to meet at concerts.

Poet or not, I shall sing the Things

That await on the threshold of myself

I will shine torches of words,

Vast inheritance of mine, the world that they gave me

(Xosé María Díaz Castro)

I will iluminate with torchs of words

This is how “Coma brasas” (as flames) sounds, according to the poem by Xosé María Díaz Castro.

  1. COMA BRASAS Fran Amil 4:31


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