We inaugurate Fran Amil’s page

Today we inaugurate a website that makes me very excited, because it will allow me to interact with my followers, and communicate to you how many initiatives we carry out to favor contact with my music and you.

I promise a weekly delivery, at least, so I advise you to visit this my / your website often.

I will tell you anecdotes derived from my concerts, as well as from the recording and / or editing of my albums, and I will also supply you with news related to my musical and artistic world.

You should read the more articles the better, because in several of them you will find surprises that will lead to safe gifts. Be careful, because we already inaugurated this concept in some of the articles with which we came to light. Read carefully, and the smartest and fastest will find a reward.

Prize. Present. Correspondence. These are the terms with which we would like to be recognized. Prize. Present. Correspondence. These are the terms that we want to claim and display on this my / your website.

Health and music to live !!!